Staff and Board of Directors

Meet your Co-op Staff

Jessy McShane, General Manager



When she isn’t helping customers find EXACTLY what they need, she is volunteering with the Women of Today, fostering animals through Ruff Start Rescue, and chilling on her farm with her family!

Bri Keran, Assistant Manager

bri selfie


Bri Keran was born and raised in the Brainerd Lakes Area. After graduating from Brainerd High School and Central Lakes College, she took a few years to travel and have some adventures. She has now landed back in her hometown and spends her free time acting in local theatre productions, reading pretty much any book she can get her hands on, and making her nephew creatures giggle.



Andrew Rich


“I have been a proud member of the Crow Wing Food Co-Op since July of 2012. I’ve said this all the time before but I still think that there has never been a more exciting time to be involved in the Crow Wing Food Co-Op!

“I love the products we sell, the principles we aspire to, and most of all our members! I’m so happy to be coming back on the staff and look forward to seeing you all in the store!”


Jessie Borkenhagen

IMG_1328 copyJessie was born and raised in the Brainerd area. Throughout the years she has dabbled in various realms of the food world. Her first jobs involved serving at area restaurants and coffee bars. She even opened her own little cafe! After her adventure of providing the community with a unique venue for food and entertainment, it was off to school for a year to learn the ins and outs of “Sustainable Food Production” through M State College in Fergus Falls. To fulfill requirements of this program she pursued an internship with The Farm on St. Mathias in Brainerd which has turned out to be her seasonal occupation for the past 4 years…and counting! She thoroughly enjoys the farm life and getting to the “root” of our food system. With a love for growing, providing, and of course, eating delicious and nutritious food, Jessie feels at home working at her home town Co-Op.



Board of Directors

The Crow Wing Food Co-op is governed by a Board of Directors elected for a two-year term by the membership at the Annual Meeting. Member-owners, as well as the general public, are invited to attend the monthly board meetings to become better informed on the direction of the Co-op. Co-op board meetings are held every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 3:30 PM at CatTales Bookstore on Laurel Street . Call the Co-op at 218-828-4600 to confirm time and location. Hope to see you there!

Theresa Woodward

Mike Garry

Jami Nelson

Jennifer Jacquot-DeVries


Interested in becoming a board member?
• Stop by the store at 720 Washington St, Brainerd, MN during regular business hours to pick up a board information packet, or
• Email the Crow Wing Food Co-op at

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