In 1979 a group of like-minded individuals banded together to create an “everyday” source for healthy, natural foods within a community that cared about the health of their families and the planet.  Many had belonged to food buying clubs, but wanted to buy as much of their staples in bulk as possible on a day-to-day basis. Membership shares were sold, articles of incorporation and by-laws were drawn up, used equipment was purchased, and a small storefront was set up. The Crow Wing Food Coop was born!

Over the years the membership has grown and the “storefront” has changed; “Members” are now referred to as “Owners,” but the same philosophies and values of that group in 1979 are still important to the Owners/Members today.

Crow Wing Food Co-op’s mission is to be a cooperatively owned grocery store dedicated to sustaining a healthy and thriving community.